I have been telling stories since I could talk. So they probably didn’t make sense when I was younger but I’ve come a long way. I love thinking of all the ‘what if’s’ in life. As in, what if an alien ship landed in front of my house? Or what if I woke up with wings? My imagination is always actively creating new scenarios, worlds, characters, you name it.

I wrote short stories for fun, but then one turned into a novel and I haven’t looked back since. I love the process of writing and have even begun to appreciate aspects of editing.

My passion is fantasy, science fictions, magic and fairytales.


I write in the time between homeschooling my three boys. My other passions are Pottery, Gardening, and reading. I’m finally living back in B.C. near the beautiful pacific ocean. I grew up here and didn’t realize what a privilege it was until I moved. My husband was in the Navy and we’ve lived in Halifax, Toronto and Ottawa. We’ve made many amazing friends and beautiful memories. But B.C. is my home.

I have a B.A. in History, Anthropology and Art Education. All fields of study I genuinely love. Although the class on  The History of Logging in B.C. was a bit boring.



My first novel started with an antique necklace I was compelled to buy. I was in San Diego visiting my sister. My husband and I love exploring antiques. I glanced at the jewelry but it’s not usually my thing. However I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So after over an hour in the huge store, I bought it.

I dont wear it as much as I did before but it’s what got the whole story started. 

That’s how a lot of my stories start, with something random. And idea float together, slowly connecting until I have a story.

 I know there are hundreds of books and websites that teach you how to write, heck there is even a computer program you can buy that helps you start your novel. The following is by no means advice or recommended ways to write a story. It’s purely a small glimpse into the unique way I write.

The pendant has a single pearl in the centre surrounded by small dark glittering stones. The pearl made me think of the Little Mermaid. I thought what if she didn’t know she was a mermaid, what if a merman rescued her, what if she had a secret heritage, and what if that heritage was ancient and had a secret global feud?

Once I start a story I easily get distracted by various characters. I tend to dive in and discover the main characters family and who they are and where they live and how they grew up. The characters personality comes out and reacts with the other characters or sometimes I need to find someone to balance the main character out. A lot of this writing isn’t used in the novel but it helps me understand the depths of the character I’m writing about.

Eventually I start to get lost in world building. Honestly one of my biggest passions. I love to think about other worlds and realities. 

After all that the story has usually strayed. 

So I pull up my sleeves and try to figure what the heck the point is of the whole thing. This is when writing out my plot helps. I am an optimistic person and so my stories lean that way, however I realize stress, action, tension and climax are invaluable in making a good story, and this is where I start to figure that out.


Yes, we have officially established my mind does not run linear by any means. It is a glorious jungle of random information and ideas that entwine each other. I walk through picking at pieces until they begin to form a garden that becomes a story.

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I heard of #Pitchwars in a Critique group and was happily surprised how supportive the #Pitchwars website is and all the writers on Twitter. So I’m eager to participate and see where it takes me. Lets jump into talking about my manuscript! SHIFTING SHORES is a Young Adult, Contemporary Fantasy novel. My novel passes the Bechdel Test. …


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